What We Do

What We Do

On programmes and projects

  • Coordinate, facilitate and monitor programmes and projects to ensure all stakeholders involved deliver on their mandate, thus positive impact on the ground.
  • Mobilise resources, build productive partnerships and offer technical support through stakeholder engagement with specialised industries, commodity organisations, financiers, investors and retailers to the benefit of our target audience.
  • Provide practical support on project conceptualization, development, packaging and management from planning phase to implementation phase through effective partnerships.
  • Develop strategies to revitalise and strengthen women-owned enterprises and cooperatives.
  • Activate brand development.

On Gender Equality and
Gender Mainstreaming

  • Conduct gender analysis survey
  • Facilitate gender awareness training
  • Provide advisory and/or partake in developing gender policies
  • Develop engendered logical framework for program and project cycle
  • Monitoring and Evaluation

On training

  • Cooperatives management
  • Gender equality awareness
  • PC skills and End user computing
  • Financial Literacy
  • Business Management
  • Labour Laws
    • UIF
    • COIDA
    • BCEA
    • NMWA
    • OHS Act
    • EEA

“Freedom cannot be achieved unless the
women have been emancipated from all forms of oppression.”

  Tata Nelson Mandela